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Video Marketing Trends to Freshen Up Your Marketing Campaigns this 2021

Video Marketing Trends to Freshen Up Your Marketing Campaigns this 2021 QRx Digital

Video marketing trends help freshen up your online campaigns. It is being considered as a new normal, as audiences spend more time online.

Video marketing is one of the interactive and powerful channels where brands can connect with their audience. They are considered as one of the most popular types of content available out there. Whether online or on television screens, video is a perfect medium where audiences can easily engage with.

The year 2020 has been a huge year for video marketing. There is no stopping this trend this 2021. As more people spend their time at home, the public has been consuming video content on an unprecedented scale. To take advantage of the increasing demand for video content, digital marketers should pay attention to the relevance of this type of content this year.


Top Video Marketing Trends For Your Online Campaigns this 2021

Videos advertisements and marketing materials are bound to transform digital marketing and content strategies this 2021. Here are QRx Digital’s top 5 recommended video marketing trends for brands seeking better marketing and advertising campaigns this 2021.

Top Video Marketing Trends For Your Online Campaigns this 2021 QRx Digital

Live Videos

Live streaming on Facebook and YouTube has shown a tremendous increase in view hours in 2020. However, Facebook Live Videos sits on top of the most engaging platform for videos online. However, a lot of brands are still failing to explore the opportunities available in using this content type. Thus, video marketing is considered to be one of the biggest opportunities brands should explore to engage with their audience.

Live video marketing is the closest thing you can have to face-to-face interaction with your audience. Using live videos allows you to talk in real-time with your audience. It is also a perfect avenue where you can see and read their body language. Live videos give brands the opportunity to demonstrate clear empathy for their target market. 

Real-time shopping, both on Facebook and Instagram showed a huge surge in 2021. Other platforms like TikTok and YouTube are following the trend too. Interestingly, these platforms are providing brands, even small businesses more opportunities and tools to help them succeed in retailing their physical products online.

Cross-Posting and Repurposing Content

It would be difficult to keep up with the increasing demands for video content on all your social media channels. However, you can still provide your audience with the video content on all your social media platforms through cross-posting and content repurposing.

Brands can build traffic on video platforms like Vimeo and YouTube but generate a following through Facebook, TikTok, and Snapchat. To achieve this, digital marketers can edit and repurpose videos from their main video platforms to more popular online platforms like Facebook. 

Chopping long-form videos into several smaller videos would be a good way to distribute video content to different social networks. It takes less time and requires fewer resources. You’ll generate several small videos from your longer video content.

LinkedIn Videos

LinkedIn is one of the more serious online platforms for professionals and businesses. Interestingly, videos are now welcome on the platform, which clearly indicates the potentials and opportunities that it can offer to businesses. On top of video advertisements and video content, video conferencing is accessible via the platform.

LinkedIn currently features Native Videos. LinkedIn Stories with Video, Linkedin Live, LinkedIn video conferencing through messaging, and private video messaging. Further improvements are quite easy with video content and video use.  User Interface and experience improve together with video content. Touch up, filters, video templates, and more could be the future to look forward to with LinkedIn’s video features.

Human Experiences ad Unfiltered Conversations

Although the types of filters and image-enhancing apps continue to grow by the hundreds daily, 2021 will be a year for realistic experiences. Brands will begin to unveil their products in their raw and real-life  For brands to provide realistic experiences to their audience, launching products in their pure form.

On top of these unfiltered images, the core marketing strategy in this trend is to offer social proof – real people talking about their products and services, through reviews, unfiltered and genuine reactions from real people. Tell authentic stories about your products and services via video. This helps highlight the personality of a brand and creates awareness of the core culture of the brand. Create balanced videos that offer a sense of belongingness to your audience.

Micro Videos and Shoppable Videos

Micro videos and shoppable videos are two of the trends to look forward to in video marketing. This is, in addition, to live video selling and repurposing long-form video content into smaller videos for social media posting. Micro videos are short engaging videos, bite-size, and will last around the one-minute mark. The challenge for digital marketers is to get the message across to the viewers in less than 6 seconds.

Meanwhile, shoppable videos will focus on the retail opportunities available with video marketing. Moreover, videos include links to products, on different platforms. The main purpose for such is securing sales from impulse buyers. It will make generating leads and conversions fun and easier.

As QRx Digital continues to grow as a brand and as a digital marketing agency, we continue to learn and adapt new trends to offer and open new opportunities and marketing areas to explore for our clients. We continue to train our people and equip them with the latest knowledge to stay relevant and on top of the industry trends.


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