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Top 3 Video Marketing Strategies That Stimulate Engagement


Strategies in content creation, video marketing, and advertising constantly change. They are revised as technology and digital marketers adjust to the needs and demands of their audiences. As industries evolve, marketing strategies adapt and change too. In addition, the same is true with video marketing strategies. Interestingly, they are constantly changing to suit the needs of your audience.

With the rise in the popularity of social media platforms, marketing teams are now leaning into executing their video marketing strategies through this platform. As we all know, social media platforms host millions and billions of users from around the globe. Remember, with a market that big, it is no surprise that brands are turning their focus to video, on top of their traditional content.

Building Your Video Marketing Strategy

Similar to any type of marketing campaign, you will need to build your video marketing strategy before launching it. An unplanned strategy, with no goals and key performance indicators, is a half-baked cookie and will most likely go down the drain. Here are the basic steps in building your video marketing strategy.

  • Set your video goals
  • Define your target audience
  • Create a content calendar
  • Equip your team with the latest video creation tools
  • Defining your timelines
  • Setting a budget

Creating a concrete plan for your video marketing campaign is essential to have a guide and a way to monitor if your video marketing strategies are converting or not.

QRx Digital’s Top 3 Video Marketing Strategies for 2021

However, as most brands lean into creating video content for their target customers, how can your brand stand out? QRx Digital shares its top 3 video marketing strategies and how it can help your brand engage with a larger audience and become more successful this year.

QRx Digital’s Top 3 Video Marketing Strategies for 2021 QRx Digital

Optimizing Your Video Thumbnail

The video thumbnail is one of the important components that help your audience decide whether your video content is worth their time or not. Similar to traditional content, failure to immediately catch and retain your visitor’s attention is an additional percentage added to your bounce rate.

Videos are judged by their cover. Additionally, unless you dress up your video channel, it would be difficult to encourage your audience to press play. Remember, always give your videos a play-worthy thumbnail image to increase the chances of connecting with your audience.

According to some studies, using a thumbnail of a smiling human is one of the effective ways to encourage viewers to press play. A person smiling, making direct eye to eye contact is an effective thumbnail that usually converts. Why? Because people can relate to other people. Instead of a boring text, a smiling person is more compelling and will likely bring in a higher number of plays.

Add Share Buttons to Your Video Player

On top of your website, your video content will most likely be posted on your social media account. With that in mind, make it easy for your audience to click the share button. With most of your audiences starting and ending their day on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, you need to ensure that your video can be easily shared on these social media platforms.

Some video hosting tools feature share buttons that can be embedded directly within the video itself. Your viewers can share your videos without having to leave the player. It would be easier to shamelessly ask them to share your video content in the video itself. You can point to the area where the share button is located. It makes your video extra interactive and an extra “wow” factor for your viewers.

Include Video on Your Email Marketing Efforts

Videos work well with email. Adding the word video in your subject email boosts open rates by 19% according to Animoto. Moreover, a video thumbnail on your actual email also helps boost engagement. In addition, another effective strategy to entice audiences to click the button includes creating a short gif featuring a few frames of your video. In fact, you can also superimpose the play button to trigger your audience to take action.

Always include hyperlinks to the images, thumbnails, and gifs that you create for your video content. To make it more obvious, add call-to-actions to let your audience know that clicking a button redirects them to the video included in your email. Moreover, boosting your email marketing efforts through videos and vice versa is very much feasible with this marketing combination.

Audiences and customers nowadays are looking for interesting and eye-catching content online. They respond positively towards great video content, thus opening a new opportunity and avenue for brands to connect and reach out to their customers.

If you are looking for video content that will generate traffic and stimulate your audiences to engage with your brand, QRx Digital is your key. Our professional video creators and content strategist have intensive experience in creating video content that converts. To learn more about our services or talk to one of our content creators, get a FREE BRAND HEALTH CHECK to learn more.

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