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Top Reasons Why Your Email Open Rate is Decreasing

One of the most popular email marketing approaches is newsletters. Subscribers receive newsletters covering topics relevant to their business and of interest to them. Newsletters are a great and inexpensive strategy for businesses to engage with their existing and potential customers on a regular basis.

However, what happens if your emails do not get the attention you need from your subscribers? Perhaps the biggest downside of newsletters is that they can easily be tossed into anyone’s spam folder. Either that or people start unsubscribing shortly after you send out your emails. Neither is good for your business.

Why is Your Email Open Rate Decreasing?

Your email open rate helps determine how successful your email marketing strategy and campaigns are. Here are the most common reasons your email open rate declines and how you can improve them for more successful email campaigns.

Email Delivery Problems

Many areas cover email deliverability issues. It is important to use the right platforms to deliver your emails. Some Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have several layers of protection that make it harder to allow emails in a given inbox. If you are unsure whether your emails are making it to your subscribers’ inboxes, reach out to them through a different channel.

Maintaining Your Email List

If your email list has been with you for a long time, your contacts might not be that updated anymore. Some open rates decline over time because brands fail to replenish their contacts list. Ideally, a large portion of your engagement comes from the newest and most active subscribers on your list.

Recheck your email acquisition techniques to determine that your new contacts are indeed being included in your subscription list.If a large portion of your audience is starting to disengage with your brand, you might need to remove them from your list. Have they failed to open or click your emails in the past year? Large amounts of inactivities can be a significant red flag for your email marketing campaigns.


Sending too many emails or not sending enough can cause your subscribers to lose interest. What is the amount of emails that you send in a month? There are many reasons why you are changing the frequency of your email. The increase in subscribers can be the reason for sending more emails in a month. You may also need to reach out to your clients more often during the holiday season because of changes in product demand and inventory. To maintain a regular flow of communication, you should ideally contact your subscribers once a month.


Content is another factor that is affecting your email open rates. If you are a brand offering a product discount for your audience, you might want to schedule your emails just right after payday. Your newsletters’ subject lines, primary content, and preheaders can also affect its open rates. Constantly testing content in your emails helps you understand which techniques and content work well with your audience.

Irrelevant content can also cause you to lose subscribers and decrease the number of people opening and engaging with your emails. If you have different types of subscribers in your email lists, some content might not be suited for all your audience. Segregate your email lists and ensure that a specific group receives tailored emails suited to their needs and expectations from your brand.

Improving your email marketing benchmarks and strategies can change the performance of your email open rate for the better. Take time to understand your subscriber’s list, purge old ones and add new connections while building exciting and helpful content for your audience.
Work on creating more effective subject lines and make an effort to personalize your content for your audience. A standout subject line, perfect timing together with amazing content, every time, can change and improve your email open rates in no time.


Interestingly, a decreased open rate is not the end of the line. There are plenty of ways to determine what you are doing wrong and even more ways to improve and fix it. Taking a pause and looking into these issues can help you press the restart button to get back on track.

Your marketing emails might be hurting your brand instead of getting leads and sales if you fail to realize why your open rate is decreasing. Review your marketing strategies, the content you offer, and what your audience needs. These three factors will significantly help in aligning your strategies in email marketing. With a few research and beta testing efforts, you’ll see your open rates getting the attention and the conversions you look forward to.

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