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Top 5 Marketing Strategies According to QRx Digital

Marketing strategies create lasting relationships with their audience.
QRx Digital Services enumerate the top marketing strategies of 2020.

Marketing strategies are tools and methods that help create better business both online and offline. But as the saying goes, one size does not fit all – a marketing campaign that works for one company may not create the same results for a different business. Today, marketing strategies are more personalized, straightforward, and creatively tailored to suit the needs specific to a brand.

Brand visibility is the most common goal marketing strategists work to achieve. Building loyalty and bringing recognition to the business are the positive results of successful marketing strategies to a brand. Without a rock-solid and efficient marketing strategy, it is difficult for companies to position themselves as experts in the industry.

Developing the perfect mix of marketing strategies applicable to your business is crucial in creating a successful marketing program. Search engine optimization, content building, and social media are some of the most common digital marketing strategies available to businesses. Implementing appropriate, modern, and unconventional marketing strategies gives brands the competitive edge they need to be on top of their niche market.

Marketing Strategies Basics from QRx Digital

Adapting new marketing strategies is essential for the brand to keep up with the continuously evolving and growing market. Combining traditional marketing techniques with innovative tools and ideas helps create better and more profitable marketing campaigns. QRx Digital Sales and Marketing Services lists the top 5 marketing strategies this 2020.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Companies in different industries are exploring how the market is rapidly shifting with big data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. This modern technology allows marketers to get insights into how their market engages online through social interaction, website visits, email, and other interests, giving them detailed consumer profiles. Knowing what your prospective audience is looking for can help you convey the right message. Businesses use this big data as leverage to influence consumer engagement. Deeper insights into the consumer demographics that your brand targets give marketers information that allows them to personalize a product or marketing strategy. This way, marketers can fully capture the attention of a consumer or potential client. Information gathered from artificial intelligence also helps increase engagement, win new customers, and retain the old ones.

Electronic Barcode Technology

Electronic barcode technologies like QR codes play a significant role in most of the marketing campaigns of today. Today, businesses are incorporating this technology into their products and services to reach out and engage their audience. Sending a message or email, downloading applications, directing customers to web pages, viewing business locations, and online payments become a scan away for consumers.QR codes, when used properly, serve as a valuable sales-boosting tool, especially for the younger generation. Whether online or in print, you can display QR codes anywhere and instantly connect with your audience with a few clicks. Interestingly, as the smartphone-browsing crowd grows, the potentials and opportunities that QR codes and bar code technology bring to businesses continue to increase.

Data Transparency and Security

Consumers may be enjoying the convenience the internet offers, but they are also becoming smarter in sharing their personal information online. Data privacy and protection are imperative in today’s busy and compelling online world. Transparency and protecting users’ data must be guaranteed in current marketing methods. Everything businesses do with their data became different after data privacy laws were issued. In addition, firms that seriously look after their online customers’ privacy and security are implementing third-party security systems. This assures their audience that their personal information remains confidential and protected. Keep in mind that a commitment to protect your customers’ data privacy and security boosts your credibility and earns the trust of your market.

Contextual Targeting

Information gathered from machine learning, and artificial intelligence helps create content where people engage. Contextual targeting allows you to feature content on a site where your target market is already present. For example, Facebook is already displaying advertisements on your profile wall for the products or services that you have already inquired about elsewhere online. Remember, understanding how your audience thinks and where your market spends time online allows companies to create promos, advertisements, and marketing strategies aligned with these factors. The process increases engagement, conversions, and sales.  In fact, businesses can now present the right product to the right person at the right time on the right online platform through contextual targeting.

Live Video Marketing

Social media is one of the most prominent marketing online platforms available on the web. As companies, brands, and influencers explore the opportunities available on this platform. As expected, live video marketing eventually propelled and is now a phenomenon. Brands are tapping into live streaming to get to their customers fast and interact in real-time. Gaming enthusiasts, NGOs, journalists, and even small-business owners are taking advantage of the live video streaming features on social media sites like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. People continue to spend a considerable amount of their time on these social media platforms. Thus, businesses always find new opportunities to reach out to them. One of them is through live video marketing.

Keeping up with the latest marketing strategies and trends online opens more significant opportunities for brands to prosper. At present, the competition in the market stiffens. In accordance with this, exploring other avenues for marketing helps businesses grow and further build their network. Moreover, advanced profiling algorithms, personalized approaches, and machine learning keep companies competitive and relevant to consumers.

As the marketing landscape changes, QRx Digital continues to adapt and welcome new methods and strategies to aid our clients. QRx Digital Sales and Marketing Services invest in learning new marketing tools and technologies to continuously provide clients with the best marketing options available for their business. We help businesses grow exponentially by providing trained and expert professionals in the field of marketing, design, content, and SEO.

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