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The Ins and Outs of Designing an Infographic

Infographics help engage with your audience. QRx Digital helps clients create eye-catching
and informative Infographics perfect for your business.

Designing an infographic can be challenging but is very fulfilling. Get ahead of the competition by stimulating the senses, creating desire, and establishing credibility for your brand. Grab and keep your audiences’ attention to your website, product, or service to get leads and secure sales. A carefully planned and executed infographic can help you get your brand on the right track.

You only have 2.7 seconds to grab someone’s attention. Keeping one’s attention takes 10 to 20 minutes.  Solve this common challenge in the digital world by designing an infographic effectively.

Several items constitute an infographic that converts. Bring your visual content game up a notch by learning the ins and outs of creating a compelling infographic. QRx Digital guides you through the process.

Infographics with virality and appeal to your audience can be quite challenging. Be equipped with the basics and the strategies in creating visual content that delivers. 

Create shareable, attention-worthy, and useful infographics with this seven-point guide from QRx Digital.

Define Your Audience Before Designing an Infographic

There are five types of audiences to consider when creating an infographic – novice, generalist, managerial, expert, and executive. Each type has a specific need and expectation when it comes to the content you offer. Define this and then work your graphics and content according to this information.

Suit the design and content of your infographic to your target audience. Are you selling a product to millennials? Go for lively colors and graphics.

Be specific with the content and design of your visuals. The materials you use should be relevant to the audience you would want to connect with. The right theme for the right audience makes your content and brand credible.

Make the Headline Count

Catching the attention of your target audience is essential. Here is where a catchy and attention-grabbing headline comes in. A killer headline usually gets the attention your infographic deserves.

Around 60 to 100 characters would be a great length to consider in creating your headline. Use power words to be able to grab the attention of your audience. A captivating title helps you get the attention you want for your content.

Avoid Information Overload in Designing an Infographic

Your infographic should have a purpose. It should not be an assortment of ideas, but specific and streamlined content is focusing on a single topic. Keep it as simple as possible.

Interestingly, too many colors and graphics are also bad when designing an infographic. You can also add white spaces in the design for pauses and to allow your content to breathe. In addition, stick with the essential data with the appropriate images and graphics for your visual content.

Create a Balance Between Graphics and Content

A balance between graphics and information is essential to deliver a practical, shareable, and useful infographic. Remember, keep things interesting while offering value to your audience. Visual elements such as icons and images should complement well with the content.

The second challenge is keeping the attention of your audience with your content. To stay relevant to your audience, add visual pizzaz together with your data and content. A “too crowded” visual may prevent your audience from focusing on your content.

Produce Infographics In Easy to View Sizes

Infographics that are too big or too small might lose their readability. Remember to use different fonts but make sure that even the smallest font remains readable even after resizing. The ideal width of 600 pixels would be the right size to start when creating your infographic.

Be Accurate in Designing an Infographic

Double-check the data and information that you present in designing an infographic. Remember, to include reliable sources at the bottom of your content at all times. Moreover, statistics should be accurate and valid at all times to make your infographics credible.

Information, most especially numbers, percentages, and graphs should be accurate. Include dates in your sources to update your content when needed. Check, double-check, and recheck.

Content and Design Flow Should Be Seamless

Your infographic should offer ideas with visuals. It should tell a story- simple, factful, and relatable content intended for your target audience. Simple processing of thought makes it easier for you to convince or “talk” to your audience.

Infographics are attention-grabbing content tools that can improve your content and catch the attention of your audience. You can create a useful infographic and create engagement with your audience. Follow the tips above to bring fresh content and information to your target market.

QRx Digital Sales and Marketing Services can help you create professional content and visuals for your website, social media, blogs, and other marketing campaigns. Our professional designers and marketing strategists are equipped with the latest trends in visual marketing campaigns and infographic designs that are suitable for your business. Our seasoned web developers and designers will provide you with the professional help you need.

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