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The Benefits of Video Advertising for Your Business

Video Ad by QRx Digital for Bidi Vapor

Video advertising is a digital marketing strategy that is a crucial aspect of the success of a business.
It is one of the most appealing ways to market your business digitally.

eCommerce is one of the most competitive marketplaces to launch a business. With the growing need to advertise products and services on the internet, companies are leaning into creating a name online on top of their physical stores or so-called brick-and-mortar businesses. There are plenty of ways to be noticed and become successful in such competitive platforms. One of these examples is video advertising.

Creating links, brand mentions, and content writing are side dishes to a complete meal. Video advertising adds interest to a business. QRx Digital helps brands understand that ads, especially Facebook video ads, drive strong digital marketing campaigns.

By integrating video advertising in your marketing efforts, your opportunity to get leads, new customers, and be remembered by your audience becomes higher. Our team at QRx Digital sees the potential and the importance of this marketing aspect. We commit to helping the brands that we work with succeed in this platform.

Video Ad by QRx Digital for Bidi Vapor

Here’s a shortlist of the top ways how QRx Digital Sales and Marketing Services help brands create effective video marketing ads for their business.

Plan for the Video Advertising Platform

In which platform do you want to excel or divert your marketing efforts? Knowing which platform to penetrate gives you a better idea of what type of video content to create for your brand. 

Is your audience mostly on Facebook? In addition, tailor your videos on the length and style parallel to the types of video advertisements you see on Facebook. The key is to catch and keep the attention of your viewer. Moreover, go for themes that intrigue or inspire your audience.

People go to Facebook to see visually pleasing and positive things. You can focus on these types of content. You can adjust and optimize your strategy depending on what your analytics say on how your audience responds to your video advertisement offerings.

Get to the Point

Again, attention spans online are not usually long. Although some video marketing campaigns add intrigue and mystery to their content, making the audience wait for the next seconds or even the following video, this is not always the case. Keep your videos short, but stout in content, to get and keep the attention of your audience.

It would be ideal to limit your videos to around 5 to 15 seconds on Facebook. It is enough time to convey a message, without losing your audience’s interest. Facebook video ads can go as long as 31 seconds. However, unless you are already a big brand with a dedicated and loyal audience to share your content with, going beyond 15 seconds can compromise your video ad’s effectiveness.

Motive Your Audience to Connect with a CTA

Always remember that the end of every video advertisement intends to motivate your audience to subscribe, hit the like button, go to your website, or purchase your products. Effective video marketing ads should catch your audience’s attention, keep it, and engage them to take action.

Adding a creative call to action encourages conversions. All your video marketing efforts should have this end goal – create a video that sticks and generate leads. The right combination of visual and audio storytelling can help achieve successful video marketing ads for your business.

Talking with our clients at QRx Digital and understanding what their audience needs and expects from the brands that they consume helps us create video advertisements that convert. Interestingly, you can never make content unless you know who your audience will be. 

QRx Digital works closely with our clients, the brand that they represent, and the audience that they see valuable to create video ads with impact and video ads that convert.

QRx Digital Sales and Marketing Services understand how to add value to what you can offer to your audience. We create video marketing ads that translate your brand’s core. Our team is equipped with the right flavors to stand out in a competitive online platform. 

Our team creates emotionally charged and creative video advertising that can be confidently spread on the internet and represent your brand with pride. 

Check these video advertisements that we did for our partners and clients and how each video contributed to our digital marketing campaigns’ success.

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