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The Anatomy of Great Digital Marketing

The Anatomy of A Great Digital Marketing

In today’s fast-paced digital marketing world, virality occurs almost every week for different brands, whether one wants to get on the bandwagon or not. Online challenges sprout worldwide in fast succession, with some videos garnering at least five hundred total views in half an hour, maybe more. 

Hoping for a thousand views on the first day of your social media post is now possible, as long as the content is shareable and clickable. The question is, how do brand owners take advantage of this recent phenomenon? 

The past three years have shown a constant increase in internet usage, primarily upon the heels of the global pandemic. Homebound and locked down, consumers of all ages, generations, and market sectors have spent more and more time online, doing not only serious work that has kept economies afloat but even mundane tasks and errands like grocery shopping. How do we reach out to this captive market? 

Strengthening your digital marketing efforts is vital, and here are a few ways to do so:

Be on the lookout for the latest trends. 

Is your Facebook news feed blowing up with online shopping ads? Perhaps a new product on the market is trending due to many feedback or testimonial videos. Whether organic or planned, an underlying theme will always surface. 

Do you notice a profusion of blush colors and blue filter pigments on insta posts? A song that becomes a veritable earworm, maybe, or product showcases might be making their presence known? 

In this case, you have two ways to utilize this marketing force: find something in common with the product, join in on the fray, or create new material that opposes the concepts being streamed. Competition never hurts anyone and will take your product out there to get noticed. 

Leverage your brand. 

How do you attract and engage customers online? Is your brand a perfect fit for a specific niche, or does it general blanket markets? Your voice matters. Is it loud and proud, or do you engage your customers with a pleasant conversation, one person at a time? Personal brands go well with personally appealing messaging. 

In contrast, brands that relate to broader subjects such as environmental impact may need to be presented on a larger scale in mood setting and messaging. If your brand’s strength is decades of reliability, go with that. If it’s a relatively new brand, focus on what makes it novel and how it makes the world and its consumers’ lives better.

Explore new avenues of digital expression. 

Attention spans have shortened, and advertising has not only transformed our lives but has speedily shed its constantly evolving form in the past two years. Full video productions of polished product highlights have given way to the more easily created, often DIY short reels that invade our internet using habits. These unscripted snippets of lives often trend and go viral, drawing on the human experience as it spreads to audiences like wildfire. 

Your digital posters and banners may garner clicks, but you might want to consider short-form video and call-to-action challenges as part of your digital marketing arsenal. With all the possibilities to choose from in form and content, it’s all a matter of choice, and the support of experts to back you up. 

masters in digital marketing online

Have a reliable digital marketing partner. 

Trends and viral content exist for a reason–they are relatable, easy to understand, and tweaked just right to communicate a particular message. If you find yourself lost in thinking of starting and needing much-needed advice, QRx Digital Sales and Marketing is the key. 

They have the best digital marketing strategist, an army of graphic designers, content makers, and idea shakers to help you determine what’s best for your brand. Virality is good, but a solid campaign covers many levels, such as SEO keywords, social media management, email marketing, and web analytics. 

If you would like to see your brand trending, a consultation might be a good start. QRx Digital is one of the many masters in digital marketing online.

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