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SEO Friendly Content: How Do You Do It?

SEO Friendly Content: How Do You Go About it?

SEO-friendly content is still one of the most powerful tools available to digital marketers and business owners.
Understand how you can create useful
search engine optimized content now.

How important is SEO? For starters, 68% of all online experiences begin through search engines, and more than 50% of all website traffic is organic. Many other statistics can be cited here to highlight the importance of SEO. The real problem is how to conduct proper search engine optimization.

Importance of SEO for Your Business

How do you go about creating SEO-friendly content?

Like any other technology, search engines are regularly developed and updated. The way the Google search engine worked when it first started is very different from how the search engine we are using now ranks websites.

Here are the things that search engines now check when ranking sites:

  • It checks whether the content is relevant and updated in connection with what users are looking for.
  • Google is quite big on content quality right now. It makes sure that the content published offers useful information and is not plagiarized.
  • The algorithms check the overall user experience too, which is also a measure of how difficult it is to navigate a site.
  • Now, Google also measures the speed of the loading time of the site. That’s part of the user experience.
  • Links are also checked. It is essential to have internal links and external links to reputable sites.

There are other things that Google uses when checking and ranking sites, but these are the most important ones.

How to Create SEO Friendly Content

Here are a few useful tips that you can use for creating SEO friendly content:

Make Use of Headlines

First of all, headlines and subheads make it easy for your readers to scan and skim ahead of your content. They also make the text more visually appealing, since a long block of solid “normal text” is going to be avoided by most readers.

The search engine robots which scan your site would also recognize these breaks in the content and use them to check which sections are important. The headlines are also an opportunity for you to put in more keywords.

Use Links

The use of backlinks was on the list of things that search engines are looking for. Never forget to include links within your content, so readers and Google can check your older published content. Also, the links to reputable sites are a huge plus.

Do Keyword Research First

Some write their content and worry about the keywords later on. That’s not the right approach. You might have a topic, but you should also conduct keyword research first before you publish or even write the content.

Keyword research should not be an afterthought. The keywords you choose should be right for the content and your niche.

Images Should Be Optimized

Even the images which you use must be optimized. There is always the human factor in optimizing. Think of what would be most attractive for your human readers. People click on content with great images rather than an article without pictures, regardless of the information in it.

People are attracted visually, and you can also optimize the images by adding info through updating the image files and adding tags.

Make It Shareable

You need to make your content shareable. There are tools that you can use to add social media buttons to your post that could allow readers to share your content.

These are just a few of the ideas that you can use when you want to publish SEO-friendly content. There are other tools that you can use to make your content better, like grammar checkers and plagiarism checkers.

Search engine optimization can be very technical, but for starters, you can get started by writing and publishing content that is optimized.

If you need help in creating SEO-friendly content that is focused on what your audience is looking for, then QRx Sales and Digital Marketing Services can help you.

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