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QRx Digital Marketing: An Overview of SEO Monitoring

QRx Digital Marketing: An Overview of SEO Monitoring

SEO monitoring is the process of measuring the improvements and success of an SEO campaign. Without it, further improvements for your brand would be difficult.

Digital marketing agencies and in-house teams use SEO to improve the visibility of their website online. They devise techniques and marketing strategies to help brands get a higher ranking in search engine results pages. Getting better rankings in  Google, Bing, and Yahoo helps improve organic traffic for brands, increasing the chances of getting leads, translating to better conversions.

SEO monitoring helps digital marketers work efficiently. It is a guide on which keywords bring the most results for your brand.  Relevant data that helps determine areas for improvement is achieved with proper monitoring. SEO is the process of creating a group of collaborative content and marketing effort that is suited, personalized, and proven to be effective, as indicated in the SEO monitoring results.

SEO campaign management helps bring your business in front of your online audience. Monitoring helps brands pick the right keywords to optimize. With an effective SEO monitoring campaign, brands will understand their brand more, helping them choose the right strategies for their website pages.

Effective SEO Monitoring with QRx Digital Sales & Marketing Services

Effective SEO Monitoring with QRx Digital Sales & Marketing Services

Monitoring your search engine optimization efforts is an ongoing process. As Google continues to update its algorithm as well as other search engines, brands need to continuously adapt and adjust to these changes. Here is how QRx Digital monitors SEO campaigns for our clients and partners.

Competitive Competitor Checks

Reviewing how a competitor brand ranks in search engines is one of the basic steps before QRx Digital begins creating an SEO plan for a brand. Understanding what keywords work for your competition gives you a baseline on the keywords to work with. 

Do they post on social media often? Are your competitors spending on paid advertisements and PPC? Knowing what your competitors do does not mean that we’ll adapt these strategies to your brand. We create a personalized campaign, based on what works and what doesn’t for your nearest competitors in the market.

Analytical Tools to Monitor SEO Campaign Performance

One of the most widely used analytical tools for monitoring SEO performance is Google Analytics. According to Statista, In 2021 Google currently has 85.86% of the global search market. Bing accounts for 6.84% while China’s Baidu owns 0.55% of the market share.

With Google as the top search engine in the world and with Google Ads as one of the major advertising platforms for brands online, it is the best place to get real-time and accurate facts on how your brand performs online.

Google Search Console is another free SEO monitoring tool that helps address performance issues and identify problems on your website. It can identify keywords and website pages that drive the most traffic to a brand’s website. Google Search Console helps identify the number of clicks, impressions, CTR, and the position of a specific keyword for your website. Additionally, it helps identify top pages, even the countries where you get the most traffic.

Keyword Rank Tracking Tools

There are plenty of keyword rank-checking tools available online. Some are free and some require a subscription to use. Among the popular keyword rank tracking tools available includes Semrush, Small SEO Tools, Ahrefs, AccuRanker, and Moz. Different tracking tools offer different features. Most of them include progress graphs, data visualization tools, and competitor analysis. The number of features depends on the tracking tool as well as the subscription plan that you use.

Rank checkers are very useful because they offer interactive screenshots of the SERPs that appear in their system together with the keyword rankings. Data you get from these tools are accurate and most of the time real-time and updated.

Tracking Conversion Tools

Google Analytics is also the best place where you can track the conversions that your brand receives. Remember, brands are defined by the conversions that they get. This is not sales alone. It should also include subscriptions, sign-ups, donations, downloads, and other call-to-actions. These are called key performance indicators. These KPIs should be planned during your SEO campaign conceptualization and before you proceed with your actual campaign.

Setting up your conversion goals is one of the steps on how you can measure your success or failure to achieve your desired conversions. Setting up your goals and monitoring if you are achieving these conversions keeps you on track and allows you to see where you’re losing people in your sales funnel.

SEO Monitoring is the Key to Success

Your SEO plans may be the best possible for your brand and your execution might be the best there is. But, without proper monitoring of your SEO efforts, your campaign is bound to fail. Staying on top of your monitoring efforts helps you spend your resources appropriately and react to changes fast.

If you are looking for a digital marketing agency that can help launch and monitor successful SEO campaigns for your brand, QRx Digital Sales and Marketing Services is your door to success. Open the opportunity to work with professionals, skilled and exceptional talents in their field with QRx Digital.

Learn more about our services, meet the team and get insights on how we can amplify your brand and business online. Get a Free Brand Health Check today!

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