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Marketing Strategy Versus Marketing Tactics: What’s the Difference?

3 Key Features That Differentiates Marketing Tactics with Strategy QRx Digital

Marketing tactics and marketing strategy are two related marketing terms often confused as the other. However, creating a definition between the two is an important aspect of effective efforts towards a marketing goal.

A digital marketing strategy is considered to be the core of all your online marketing efforts. It serves as the overall guide that directs your campaign objectives. The strategy gives a definition of your marketing approach. Marketing strategy focuses on providing answers to the future needs of your business.

A marketing strategy includes the resources you’ll use to get your brand to the top. Milestones and goals define marketing strategic plans. Overall, it is a footprint that you will have to follow to grow your market share in the future.

On the other hand, specific marketing tactics include small action steps that help in accomplishing the objectives described in your marketing strategy. It works hand in hand with the marketing strategy. A marketing strategy focuses on the present and short-term efforts that your brand takes to accomplish goals within your business strategy.

3 Key Features That Differentiate Marketing Tactics with Strategy

Digital marketing strategies and digital marketing tactics are two distinct activities. However, one would not work well without the other. A marketing strategy would be incomplete without marketing tactics in the strategy. A marketing tactic will not work too unless with the guide of a carefully planned marketing strategy. Here are key features that may help you understand the difference between the two.

Strategy dictates marketing activities, including the tactics

For a brand to achieve its goals and vision, a marketing strategy requires determining all the activities needed to do. These activities are achievable, through different tactics, or the details of the strategy. A marketing tactic determines how things happen exactly.

A perfect example of a marketing tactic is Paul Smith’s marketing mix. The marketing mix focuses on the product, promotion, place, and price. Developing a product fit for the marketing strategy of a brand is an example of a marketing tactic. The promotions allow marketing the product at a tactical price with the right target market.

Strategy defines the competitive advantage of a campaign

To be able to differentiate strategies between tactics, looking deeper into a strategy, as well as the techniques that can help a brand compete against competitors defines the line between a strategy and a tactic.

Overall, the strategy is what makes a brand’s marketing campaign better than its competitor. The steps and tactics involved in this strategy separate it from other marketing strategies developed by digital marketers out there.

In a strategy, define the threats and opportunities present in an industry. In addition, the strengths of a brand that makes it capable of withstanding the threats in the market are also determined via strategic marketing. The elements involved to set these things in motion are what make up the marketing tactics.

Marketing tactics are actions to execute designated strategies

Marketing tactics provide solutions to address certain areas in a marketing strategy. Is a brand looking into improving sales this year? The marketing strategy should focus on improving sales and services for that brand. How can they do it? By developing a marketing tactic that will help gain more sales for a specific or several products under a brand.

A perfect example would be Arm & Hammer Baking Soda. To increase its sales, the marketers behind the brand developed a new marketing tactic – selling the product for common household use. Initially, they sell for baking purposes.

To get more sales, baking soda retargeted its audience. Baking soda became an alternative toothpaste, an additive to cat litter, and a general cleaning product at home. The marketing strategy was to keep the old-fashion brand relevant. The tactic was to introduce it as a product that can be used by consumers beyond the baking industry.

Although two exclusively different aspects in a marketing campaign, both the marketing strategy and the marketing campaign are essential for your marketing campaigns. QRx Digital Sales and Marketing Services create innovative, timely, and working marketing campaigns for partner brands and clients. Remember, if you are looking for a marketing strategy, with effective marketing tactics for your brand, you can visit our homepage to learn more.

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