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How To Use Instagram Marketing for Your Business


Instagram marketing is a personalized social media platform you can explore to promote your business, products, and services online.

Instagram marketing is one of the more popular social media platforms that have been serving many businesses as an effective marketing tool. To get the most out of the platform, posting high-quality images, using hashtags wisely, and responding to comments are just the basics. Exploring other potentials and opportunities on Instagram helps you improve your marketing strategies on the platform.

Social media is one of the best places to market your brand and service. Going digital is the current marketing standpoint of businesses. This is true, especially with the threat of the pandemic just around the corner. Enriching the social media experience of your audience promotes better engagement and leverages businesses. It breaks down barriers between your brand and your audience.

Instagram is an affordable platform where you can start launching businesses. Here, you can create a following, and generate engagement, leads, and sales for your brand. QRx Digital Sales and Marketing Services give you insights on how you can fully use Instagram for your strategic digital marketing campaigns.

10 Quick Marketing Facts About Instagram QRx Digital


10 Quick Marketing Facts About Instagram

  • Over 1 Billion users around the globe use Instagram every month
  • 88% of this number is located outside the United States
  • Interestingly around 51% of Instagram users are female and 49% are male.
  • In 2020, 81% of people use Instagram to search for products and services
  • Instagram’s tap on shopping feature posts is supported by over 130 million users every month
  • It is the sixth-most visited website in the world
  • India comes second to the United States and has the most number of Instagram users at 120 million registered users. The U.S. has over 140 million Instagram users.
  • The United States represents 12% of all Instagram users around the globe.
  • Instagram is continuously growing in Western Europe. It showed a 17% increase in user growth in 2020.
  • A user spends an average of 30 minutes a day on Instagram

Instagram Marketing For Your Business

Humanize Your Brand and Content for Better Audience Engagement

Instagram was intentionally created for personal use. However, the mobile application managed to emerge as an effective marketing platform because of its humanized approach. Target markets and audiences are looking into more personalized content. Instagram is one of the best social media platforms where a brand or company can showcase its products and services. They can easily inspire their audience, engage and connect to their market, on a more personal level.

Introducing new products is so much easier with Instagram. Instagram makes it easier to promote your products and services, in a more authentic, aesthetic, and friendly way. According to research, 80% of Instagram users have made a purchase based on the products and images that they discovered from the platform.

Set Up an Instagram Business Account

Small businesses can thrive using a personal account on Instagram. However, for most businesses, it would be ideal to create a business account to further explore the marketing tools available in the platform. Opting for a business Instagram account gives you access to Instagram insights, adding links to your Instagram stories, creating promoted posts, and access to its advertising platform.

Adding a contact button on your Instagram profile is only possible with a business account. At present, business profiles on Instagram are free of charge. However, advertising and promotions require a certain fee. On average, a business pays anywhere between $0.20 to $6.70, depending on the bidding model. CPC starts at $0.20 to $2 per click while CPM starts at $6.70 per $1,000 impressions. Compared to Facebook, Instagram charges less both for CPC and CPM advertisements.

Maximize the Use of Instagram Tools

Business profiles on Instagram are similar to that of Facebook business accounts. Business accounts can get access to business tools that help you gather data on your audience. Instagram gives you access to insights. You can view impressions and check engagement from your audience via this tool.

Access to these data allows you to easily compare content and measure the results of your campaigns. Remember, the data available on your insights homepage are limited to the content that you have posted in the last 7 days. It is advisable to import these data on an excel file to be able to comprehensively analyze data from your Instagram social media marketing efforts. Call to action clicks, website clicks, profile views, and demographic behavior can be also accessed through the Instagram Insight tools.

Creating Instagram Ad Targeting

Increasing engagement and conversion through ad targeting is also possible with Instagram. With a business account, you get access to Instagram stories ads that allow you to create specific goal-oriented ads for your brand. For Instagram business accounts were initially limited to the Reach objective. This allows you to add a maximum number of people where your ads will be displaced. Additionally, the number of viewers you receive depends on the amount you are willing to pay.

At present, you can assign different objectives to your story ads format. You can create ad targeting for video views, conversions, including sales and signups, and traffic. Additionally, you can create ads for mobile app installs for mobile applications seeking to engage with their market on Instagram. Optimize your content according to your marketing campaigns. You can use these ad marketing tools in mind to completely take advantage of the ad targeting features available on Instagram.

Working with Influences for Wider Reach

Another interesting and effective marketing strategy that you can explore with Instagram is influencer marketing. As the name implies, brands work with Instagram influencers to feature, mention, or promote their products and services. Brands usually look for influencers that have a huge following.

Interestingly, more and more online users are greatly influenced by services and products that are promoted by the influential people that they follow online. They can associate well with them and their trust scores are usually high. Additionally, having a trusted and popular influencer working for your brand is a huge advantage you should invest in when promoting on Instagram.

Acquiring User-Submitted Photos Perfect for Brand Building

Creating content from genuine products and testimonials from your audience and clients is much likely with Instagram. Remember, it is easier to use compared to other social media platforms. Brand mentions are also more frequent with hashtag mentions. Instagram users engage with each other through photos and images. You can easily collect user-submitted photos by doing a search using your brand name or product name.

An increase in brand mentions and user-submitted photos indicates that your social media marketing campaigns on Instagram work and convert. Creating authentic and aesthetic content is also easier with Instagram.

There are plenty more possibilities and marketing techniques to explore on Instagram. Depending on your time, budget, and targets, you can use one, two, or a combination of these techniques to generate traffic, engagement, and sales to your campaign on Instagram. Compared to other online platforms like Facebook, Instagram is also an ideal avenue to showcase products and e-commerce businesses. With billions of potential traffic and leads handed out on the platform each day, it is an online marketing platform that your brand shouldn’t miss.

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