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How to Improve Your Facebook Ad Targeting Strategy

How to Boost Your Facebook Ad Targeting Strategy QRx Digital

Facebook ad targeting is a helpful form of advertising directed towards an audience. Learn more about this strategy with QRx Digital.

Facebook is the largest social media network you can use to target audiences, generate traffic, leads and sales. The social media platform features business accounts that give users access to tools and advertising platforms that help target a particular set of audiences. Interestingly, Facebook’s advanced targeting methods allow brands to set up detailed and highly-targeted advertisements for a specific audience.

Targeting audiences to engage in different types of call-to-actions can be done in a dozen different ways with Facebook ad targeting. Mastering the art of creating specific motivated advertising segments for your audience helps you achieve the targets in your social marketing campaign.

How to Boost Your Facebook Ad Targeting Strategy

Boost your Facebook ad targeting technique.  Improve your leads and conversions, at a lower cost, with these tips from QRx Digital Sales and Marketing Services.

Refining Your Facebook Audience

To make the most out of your Facebook ad targeting strategy, it is advisable to look into the different types of audiences for your brand. One of the advantages of Facebook’s advertising platform is that you can create custom audiences based on different criteria. These include your website visitors, the level of engagement, and your customer list.

Creating an Audience for Your Current Customer List

Repeat sales create stability for your business. You should take care of your current customer list. Care for them as much as your new potential leads and audiences. You can do this at the Customer File section of your Create Audience page. Facebook will then match these contacts with Facebook users, creating an audience based on these criteria.

Creating an Audience Based on Website Visit Engagement

After installing Facebook pixel on your suite, the next step is to create ad targeting based on the traffic your website receives. Facebook allows business accounts to populate their audiences based on how your traffic behaves on your website. On your Create Audience box, choose “People who visit specific web pages from the Website traffic drop-down menu.

A Combination of Both

A combination of audiences who have visited your website, audiences from your customer list, and audiences that you have from other social media platforms is also a feasible ad target for Facebook. You’ll be able to receive real-time data from the pixel from this technique. 

Ideally, you should do tests on these different Facebook targeted ad sets to get accurate data, allowing you to adjust your advertising techniques in the process.

Finding a Standout Content

Ad contents are also powerful Facebook advertising tools you can use for your brand. Most of the time, around 2% of your content will be able to perform well. This is true for search engines and on social. It is a small percentage, so unique, making it a “unicorn” in your overall content marketing strategy. The rest of your contents are treated as “donkey content”.

However, you won’t be able to create this unique “unicorn content” unless you also create donkeys. On top of that, you should invest the same amount of effort and expertise in all the content too. In the end, you will never know which one will end up as your unicorn content and which ones are bound to be donkeys.

Reviewing Your Audience Insights

Your audience insights are significant information that will help you understand your Facebook followers. The data you gather can be used to target new potential customers and followers. One of the strategies that you can also explore with Facebook Audience Insights is to gather data from your competitor’s current fans.

On your Create Audience tab, type in the name of your competitor. From here, you can check the demographics on the right side of your screen. If you see that you gain additional insights by doing so, you are now getting access to a portion of your competitors’ personal and audience demographics. Test it with your current audience to see the results.

Review the Recent Purchasing Behavior of Your Audience

Understanding the purchasing behavior of your audience on Facebook is key for better Facebook ad targeting. How your audience decides to buy on Facebook is different from their reasons on Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and other social media platforms.

Facebook gathers data from its users. Facebook knows which users prefer reading romance novels, those who enjoy playing Candy Crush. They know which audiences take a specific medication. Using this data to reach out to the right audiences via your targeted ads. Likely, this creates the results that you need. Facebook can easily match your target ad to the purchasing data that they have already acquired.

There are plenty of opportunities on Facebook for generating leads and converting sales for your audience. Exploring its targeted ad platform is also an opportunity to learn more about your audience, understand their needs, and adjust your marketing strategies to meet that your audience needs. Facebook also gives you the opportunity to discover new audiences that are suited for what your brand represents and what your company needs.

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