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How to Develop an Effective Content Strategy

How to Develop an Effective Content Strategy QRx Digital

Content Marketing Strategy

A content marketing strategy is your reason for creating content. Who is your content for and how you can help your audience, different from what your competitors do? A content marketing strategy is a brand’s efforts in building an audience through content.

Content Strategy

The content strategy involves the actual creation and publication of your content. It also helps businesses work and manage the content that they already have.

Content Plan

A brand’s content plan is a detailed plan on how you will create your actual content. It involves the details of your content, from the keywords to use, the voice of your content as well as the call to action to be included in your content.

Consider this example. Your content plan includes the list of blog articles that you are going to write, including the keywords to use, hyperlinks to attach, and who the content is intended for.

The content strategy comes next. This section includes the actual process of writing your content. Going through your content strategy includes the types of content you will provide to your audience. These include the different types of content that you will create – videos, infographics, blog posts, press releases, and the like.

The content marketing strategy oversees the entire content plan and content strategy campaigns. It also includes overseeing of key performance indicators and determining which content strategies work and which do not. Adjustments are created and implemented to achieve lower costs, increased revenue, and to get better customers.

Creating Your Content Strategy Goals

Everything that you do for your brand should have an objective. Do you want to gain more followers on Facebook? Do you want to drive traffic to your blog? Without concrete goals to reach, you can easily get distracted. As you create objectives, be sure that you have your analytics up. A goal without a way to measure it accurately makes it a half-cooked goal for your brand. As cliche, as it may sound your goals, should be SMART – specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound.

Identifying Your Target Audience

Who are you creating your content for? Are you creating content for potential partners? Are you creating content for people you want to offer your products to? Before writing your content, you need to determine who your audience is. What motivates them to act? Learn to ask questions. What pushes them to buy online. What are the things they spend money on? To develop content suited to your audience, you need to understand who will read your content.

Identifying Your Position in the Market

Whether you are on the top or the bottom of your industry, you need to determine where your brand is to know exactly where to go. Analyzing your position and your competitors in the market. The assessment will also help you gather significant information that can be used to build your brand. Learn about the keywords that most of your competitors in the industry use as well as the ones that they do not. Find the good points and bad points of your competition. Fill the gaps in your industry as you provide a unique approach that is absent with your competitors.

Choosing Where To Post Your Content

There are plenty of platforms where you can publish your content online. The amount of these can be overwhelming. To be able to focus on the actual content creation process, you should have a list of the distribution channels and content sharing platforms that you plan to submit your content to. Different platforms require different content requirements. Some may require a minimum amount of content, standard formatting, limitations with the use of keywords, and the like. Identify and learn these qualifications to increase your chances of delivering your purpose through these content platforms.

Creating Your Content Calendar

A content calendar is your guide and publishing schedule. It is an organized plan of all the topics, keywords, and other features that you will include in your content. The content calendar should also include the distribution channels where you plan to publish your posts.

To create an effective calendar, here are the basic features you should include:

Identify and Group According to Content Types

After identifying your audience, you can begin creating content to address their questions and concerns. Through the information that you have gathered earlier, you will be able to group your content according to its purpose, target audience, brand voice, distribution channel, and writing approach.

Post Frequency

Your content calendar should also include how often you want to post. It can be twice for your blogs, once a month for guest posts, every day for link distribution sites, thrice a  day for social media content, or monthly for newsletters. The key to creating an effective content calendar is consistency. Your audience will be able to anticipate when to expect content from you when you create a consistent post schedule.

Trending Topics

On top of the regular content that you intend to create for content building, you should also include a few trending topics related to your industry. These topics can be categorized as your “donkey articles”. Among these “donkey articles” is your “unicorn content”, content that stands out and gives your brand a step ahead of your competition. You can learn about the difference between your donkey content and your unicorn content from this article [insert title here and include a hyperlink.

Write with Substance and Credibility

All your planning would go to waste unless you create credible and factful content for your audience. Instead of trying to create viral content, build a good amount of resource topics and helpful articles. Your general goal should be to provide your market with the most helpful and resourceful content in your industry. The method adds real value to your company. Such an approach develops long-lasting credibility and trust for your brand.

If you are looking to build an effective content strategy that brings in traffic, builds your brand’s credibility, and generates conversions, you are at the right place. Work with QRx Digital, together with a reliable and experienced team. Get your goals straight for 2021. Achieve your goals with QRx Digital!

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