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How To Create A Timeless Brand Identity For Your Business

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Branding 101: Creating A Timeless Brand 

Fad, craze, or style change from time to time. However, your company’s branding should not easily change. A timeless brand identity is what distinguishes a good company from a successful one. Hence, when it comes to branding you need to get it right from the very beginning. 

Notable brands like McDonald’s and Coca-Cola are considered timeless brands. They came to be not simply because of the whims and caprices of its creator, but because of passion, unmistakable expertise, and experience. QRx Digital Sales and Marketing Services can help you create a quintessential timeless brand for your business. 

Entrepreneurs, business owners, or even project managers should be aware that brand identity is more than just the name of the company. A timeless brand encompasses the name, color, logo, design, typography, and overall presentation. How consumers, followers, and audiences associate the aforementioned elements to your business is a huge factor in having yourself a timeless brand. 


To give you an idea of what makes a timeless brand and how to create them, here are some tips from our experts here in QRx Digital. 

Be Identifiable

One of the key elements of creating a timeless brand is identifiability. When creating a brand, you should not simply follow the crowd so to speak, your brand should be a standout. In order to achieve a unique brand, you should incorporate your company’s core values and goals, for those elements, are surely different from others. Always remember that your brand communicates to your audiences what your company is all about and what it stands for.

Establish Connection

As previously mentioned, your brand serves as a bridge to your audiences or target market. Therefore, it is essential to define your brand as early as today. A timeless brand should express a company’s passion and its area of expertise to help foster a bond with your audiences.

Humanizing your brand is something that is relatively new to brand creation. You should learn to connect with your audiences not just through your services but most especially through your brand, for the brand is the first thing that most consumers notice. In the most recent study conducted, 83% percent of U.S. consumers prefer to deal with people over digital channels. Thus, giving you a clue on how important brand connection is to your business.

Be Consistent

With the advent of technology and social media, a brand can easily be advertised. For that matter, it is important that your brand should be consistent throughout. This simply means that when maintaining your brand, you should avoid drastic, extensive, and frequent modifications to its main elements. Your brand should always be consistent throughout your media, for it aids in easy recall among audiences or consumers.

Be Flexible

When creating a brand, you should not only think of a single timeline, you should also think ahead. Brands that are loosely based on trends and fads would normally reach their peak at one point and later on decline towards oblivion.

If you are contemplating brand creation, you should consider the years to come; hence, your brand should be flexible. It should relate to the audiences of the current generation as well as to the coming generation. You should leave room for improvement when it comes to branding, a brand needs also to evolve to catch up with the current trend without sticking to the current trend alone.

Lessen Description

One of the common branding mistakes of most companies, especially the new ones, is that they tend to be too descriptive with their brand. In creating a company logo, for example, your logo should not describe everything that your company does. This is especially true when you add an excessive tagline with the logo.

The Power of Timeless Brand Identity

In order to attract audiences and to keep them loyal to your company, you should not neglect the power of a company brand. You need not look further to seek affirmation. Brands such as Coca-Cola and the likes are living testaments to the power of a timeless brand. 

If you seek to create a timeless brand identity that will surely help improve your business and catapult it towards success, you may consult with experts like QRx Digital concerning brand creation. Our company specializes in various digital marketing strategies that will help improve your companies exposure and leverage.

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