Creating the Perfect Homepage with QRx Digital

Your homepage is like a hotel lobby. It can either attract your customers to stay, or it may repel them to go and book in a different place than yours. If it is not carefully and strategically designed, it would be difficult to engage customers to potentially avail of your products and services.

Building your website is not super complicated, but if you want to create a perfect homepage for your products and services, you should be aware of the mechanics involved to create your perfect homepage. With so many design ideas available out there, what works for one website may not work well with yours.

Always treat your homepage as the face of your brand. You want people to linger, instead of visiting for a while and then jumping to the next website. A brand needs to capture a potential customer’s attention, engage with them from the time the page loads up until they begin to go through your website.

Creating the Perfect Homepage with QRx Digital

Your advertising and marketing efforts would be insufficient unless you make people stay on your website long enough for them to be a potential follower, lead, or a converting customer. Thus, winning over your customers is really dependent on how your website homepage performs.

QRx Digital Sales and Marketing Services help you understand how to create converting homepages and what your brand needs to arrive at the best possible design for your website as a whole. If you are looking to increase brand awareness while keeping your audiences engaged on your web pages, you are in the right place.

Read further to learn how to create a perfect homepage for your brand’s website.

Create Unique Illustrations

Unique illustrations, customized for your brand can make your homepage stand out against your competitors. However, together with customized images, your homepage should also feature askew images that draw the eyes of your audience. 

The design would be ideal for call-to-action buttons. You can use a darker background to draw more attention to the CTA button over the rest of the areas and buttons on your homepage layout.

Be Clear and Straightforward

You do not want to confuse your audience with too much information on your homepage. To create a perfect homepage, you need to send your message, what you expect from your audience, through the design of your homepage

What do you want to achieve with your homepage? Do you want to generate subscriptions? Make sure your subscription button is well-placed and noticeable. Do you want your audience to secure an online booking? Be strategic in placing your online booking button on several areas of the homepage so they can access it easily even while browsing through the bottom page of your website’s homepage.

Your Homepage Should Reflect the Type of Brand You Are Building

Some brands should be showing more than telling more to their audience. If you are building an educational homepage, you should highlight several niches under the specific industry you are in. Instead of publishing a big headline about the educational knowledge that is available on your website, you should be showing this instead.

The same is true with websites that need to tell more than showing more. If you are a service-oriented brand, you should be telling your audience more about your product or service offerings, instead of showing a whole bunch of your portfolio or products right on your homepage. Create illustrations on what you can do and include text on what they can expect from your brand. From there, a potential lead will definitely “act” and visit the next pages that will tell them more about your brand.

Trust and Authority

Your website should be a trusted source of information. Social proof is one of the items that you can include on your homepage. This establish yourself as a brand with authority to your audience. Include plus points video, featuring your brand on other platforms. Most brands feature logos of brands they collaborate with.

Testimonials from satisfied clients are also one of the common features included in creating a perfect homepage that speaks of authority for your brand. Feature social media handles on your homepage. This helps your audience further explore and learn more about your brand, through the different pages that you are available.

Create a perfect homepage for your brand with QRx Digital Sales & Marketing Services. Our creative team of graphic designers and web developers can help you create a homepage that generates leads and converts. Learn more about our graphic design and website development services by visiting our services page or giving us a call at 904-660-1128 or email us at