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How to Build an SEO Plan for 2021

A concrete SEO plan is essential in creating the right marketing strategy for your brand. Create great SEO plans for 2021 with QRx Digital.

Implementing an effective search engine optimization plan is impossible without a carefully executed plan. Without SEO, it would be difficult for a brand to become visible, especially in search engine results. Generating more traffic, leads and opportunities would be difficult without a strong and effective SEO campaign management program.

There are many factors involved during the conceptualization process of an SEO plan. Initially, it is ideal to create an outline of the activities and marketing assets that you would want to implement in your campaigns. Remember, SEO planning is a process, that when followed correctly, helps boost traffic and conversions.

To build an effective SEO plan for your content marketing campaigns this 2021, here are some of the top things to consider when planning out your SEO strategy.

Creating an SEO Plan like a PRO with QRx Digital QRx Digital Sales and Marketing Services

Creating an SEO Plan like a PRO with QRx Digital 

Perform a Website Audit

A website audit gives your brand an idea of where you are in terms of your SEO strategy results from last year. To create an effective audit, you should include the following;

  • Focus keywords and rankings
  • Duplicate content
  • Low-Quality pages
  • 404 Pages
  • Site Issues

Your website audit should also contain a summary of your website performance from last year. These should include website traffic, impressions, CTRs, citations, and marketing goals. Your site ranking and performance, including load time and page speed, should also be included in this report. Data from this report gives you an idea of the areas that you should be paying time and investing resources to for your 2021 SEO campaigns.


Revisiting Your Target Audience

The needs and wants of your audience change from time to time. As you create a new SEO plan for 2021, you should take time to revisit your target audience. Your demographics may show slight changes that may greatly affect their decision-making in purchasing products online. Understanding the changes that your target audience exhibits help you create content that is personalized for the current needs. Analyzing your audience, on a regular basis is a critical step in the success of your SEO plan and implementation.

Look into changes in the buyer persona of your audience. Find relevant keywords, both new and old, to where your audience engages and connects. Understanding how your audience researches and interacts online help you speak better to your audience.

Visit social media accounts, industry forums, provide online surveys and gather information from your customer support staff to get a better picture of what your audience wants and needs this 2021. From here, you can develop a plan suited to your market’s current demands.


Competitor Analysis

Which competitor did well in 2020, which ones didn’t? It helps knowing where you stand amongst your competitors in the industry. This helps you develop strategies that can give you the edge to excel and be on top of the competition. You can get tips and develop strategies based on the top and low-performing competitors you have in the market.

Review the strategies that worked for your competitors. You can uncover opportunities and adopt new strategies based on the campaign methods that your competitors did to excel in your industry. Likewise, you should try to avoid the marketing approaches of your competitors who did not do well in 2020. Adapt the strategies that help these brands improve and stay away from strategies that may affect your brand negatively.


Your keyword strategies, keyword list, types of content, PPC campaigns, and link-building strategies are just a few areas that you can analyze and compare alongside your close competitors in your niche. 

If you are unfamiliar with the SEO planning process, you can always hire a digital marketing agency like QRx Digital to do the work for you. QRx Digital provides comprehensive website reports to help brands measure the results of their marketing efforts. Additionally, we help brands create new marketing strategies to improve more on their strong points and to catch up in areas that require improvement for their website, content, and marketing campaigns.

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