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Essential SEO Metrics to Monitor for Your Marketing Campaign’s Success


SEO Metrics are data that can be gathered to measure the success of your digital marketing campaigns. Learn more with QRx Digital.

SEO metrics are essential information that helps determine where your brand is in terms of your marketing campaigns. They serve as key performance indices. The numbers available in your SEO metrics guide you to areas in your campaigns that require more time and attention.

Without a list of SEO metrics to focus on, it would be difficult to measure the success of your search engine optimization efforts. Evaluating these areas are essential for companies seeking help with their marketing and digital strategies.  Additionally, It is also important for brands that would want to measure the effectiveness of the marketing efforts of their digital marketing agencies. Without these numbers, monitoring and adjusting campaigns would be a daunting process for most marketers.

Top SEO Metrics to Focus in Your Digital Marketing Campaign QRx Digital

Top SEO Metrics to Focus in Your Digital Marketing Campaign

To continue improving in your SEO campaigns, a marketer should have a set of key performance indicators. These numbers guide them on which variables require more SEO efforts over the other. As your gauge for success and improvement, QRx Digital shares the essential SEO metrics you should include with your digital marketing campaigns. 

Organic Traffic

Essential SEO Metrics to Monitor for Your Marketing Campaign's Success Organic Traffic QRx Digital

Out of all the SEO metrics available in this list, organic traffic outranks the rest. It brings in the leads and the conversions to your website, for FREE. It is the traffic that you earn simply by appearing on top of search engine results. You acquire these spots not by paying for placement. Your brand appears on search engine result pages through your digital marketing and content creation strategies.

Understanding this KPI gives you an idea of the number of people visiting your website through your search engine optimization efforts.

You can track your organic traffic through different channels. These include the following:

By Landing Page

You’ll get information on which pages drive the most number of visits to your website. Then, rank your landing pages from the pages that are visited the most to the least. You’ll be able to adjust your landing pages accordingly to get better results for the least performing ones.

By Location

You’ll be able to track where your organic traffic comes from.  If you sell roofing services in Florida, you would want to get a higher organic search from that location. The information also gives you an idea of areas where you can potentially expand your business.

Organic Bounce Rate

Essential SEO Metrics to Monitor for Your Marketing Campaign's Success Organic Bounce Rate QRx Digital

The bounce rate indicates the number of people jumping from your website to another want, right after viewing your page. The lower your bounce rate is, the better.  You can categorize your bounce rates according to the source of traffic, the keyword used, and your landing pages.

An in-depth understanding of the pages, sources, and keywords that bring you the most number of people who are bouncing away from your website helps you proceed with on-site work that will keep your visitors engaged. Review which pages turn away visitors and which ones retain the more. From this assessment, you can apply the characteristics available in the pages with lower bounce rates to the pages that need improvement.

Organic Conversion Rate

Essential SEO Metrics to Monitor for Your Marketing Campaign's Success Organic Conversion Rate QRx Digital

High organic traffic does not entirely indicate and guarantees sales for your brand or services. Additionally, high organic traffic with a high bounce rate is also bad for your website. High organic traffic can be labeled as a success when it comes to a high organic conversion rate.

Your website’s organic conversion rate indicates the number of people visiting your website that are actually converting into sales. These numbers can be subdivided according to three types. Organic conversion rates by landing page, location, and device.

Comparing landing pages through their organic conversion rates helps you understand which pages convert and which pages require more effective marketing strategies.

For organic conversion rates by device, your brand will get a better idea of whether your website appeals to mobile devices. Likewise, if you determine that your desktop conversions are higher than mobile conversions, you might want to pay attention to optimizing your websites for mobile audiences.

Exit Pages for Organic Traffic

Essential SEO Metrics to Monitor for Your Marketing Campaign's Success Exit Pages for Organic Traffic QRx Digital

The exit pages of your websites indicate areas that cause your visitors to lose interest. Unless your top exit page is your payment success page, all other pages can be treated as problem landing pages.

Additionally, having insights on which pages perform less when it comes to visitor engagement gives you an idea on which pages to improve to keep your audiences interested.

Keywords Ranking

Essential SEO Metrics to Monitor for Your Marketing Campaign's Success Keywords Ranking QRx Digital

Do you want your website to show up on the first page of Google when someone types in a specific keyword related to your brand? Of course, every company does. This is the reason why you should be tracking the performance of the keywords that you build your content marketing campaign.

If you gradually see improvements in ranking for your keyword lists, this simply indicates that your content and link-building strategies are working. Remember, your top-performing keywords bring in the most number of traffic to your website. However, ensure that the content you create around these keywords is indeed relevant and factful to build engagement and to prevent your bounce rates from increasing.

Duplicate Titles and Descriptions

Essential SEO Metrics to Monitor for Your Marketing Campaign's Success Duplicate Titles and Description QRx Digital

Duplicate content is never good for the SEO of your website. You can easily check duplicate titles and descriptions on your website with the help of the Google Search Console.  In addition, having multiple pages sharing the same title, meta descriptions confuse search engines and diminish the authority of your website. Such limits your chances of ranking better for those keywords. If duplicate content exists on your website, updating or blocking it is your best solution.

There are plenty of other SEO metrics to consider to get an in-depth look at the success of your digital marketing efforts. These numbers guide you towards improving for the better and addressing website and content issues that may be hurting your brand. Learn more about SEO metrics and digital marketing strategies by talking to a digital marketing expert here at QRx Digital.

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