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Content Sharing Platforms You Can Take Advantage for Site Ranking

Content Sharing Platforms You Can Take Advantage for Site Ranking QRx Digital
Content sharing platforms help build organic traffic and leads to your website.
QRx Digital is here to help you create content that converts.
In today’s digital age, shareable content has become an important factor for the ranking of a website. Apart from the quality content itself, shareability is another significant element for a successful digital marketing campaign. Hence, it is crucial that your website should not only have quality content, but those contents should be shareable as well. 

For better understanding, shareability refers to the tendency of your content to be shared by its viewers across various platforms. This normally happens when your content is interesting and relevant. Online readers engage and end up sharing it on other platforms for other people to see.  

The shares for each content you make and post on your website are crucial for any search engine optimization campaign, including inbound traffic. The more online users will see your content on various platforms, the more visitors you’ll be having on your website. 

Content Sharing Platforms Available for Your Brand Online

When it comes to online platforms where you may post or share your content, there are many platforms to choose from.  Here are some of the categories of platforms as suggested by our experts here in QRx Digital Sales and Marketing Services. 

Content Curation Platforms

These platforms serve as a new avenue for content sharing to give people useful and relevant information. Some of the widely used content curation platforms would include Pinterest, Flipboard, and even Pocket. 


Before the dawn of social media, forum sites were the go-to website for information sharing.  These discussion sites continue to evolve and still widely used by online users. Online users that are into specific niches usually go to forum sites like Quora and Reddit. These platforms are perfect for sharing content and ideas. 

Interest-based Networks

Interest-based network sites are those types of sites that focus more on a specific niche or topic to attract particular audiences. This is also an information-sharing website where people may get ideas on certain topics, including digital marketing, SEO, and other relevant materials and content. 

Media Sharing Platforms

One of the fastest-growing platforms through which you or your users may be able to share content from your website is through media sharing platforms. By media, this would not only mean written content, for this also includes video and photo contents from your website. Video tutorials or even infographics are some of the highest shared content on media sharing platforms such as YouTube and Snapchat or Instagram


The power of emails is endless. Before there were social media sites and media sharing platforms, email is a vital outlet through which websites and businesses share their website contents. Your email subscribers are likely to share your content with other platforms. 

Which Platform Is Best for You?

The type of content on your website or blog page will help you determine the best sharing platform to use. If your site is focused on video creation and content, it would be more logical to make use of media sharing platforms like YouTube

If you have high-resolution photo content on your site, Instagram is the top choice for sharing your photo content. Blog contents, infographics, and even news releases do well on Facebook, Twitter, while DIY niches do best on Pinterest. 

Define Your Audience

In order to help you to be more efficient and effective with content sharing, you should first define your audience. Try to check if you are targeting millennials or older demographics, for each has its own inclination and interest. 

However, such a guideline should innovate and adapt to today’s audience. As a website manager or social media manager, you can always cross-post along with various sharing platforms for various audiences. The key ingredient for successful content sharing is to create useful, relevant, and attractive content. 

If you are having some issues or concerns with content sharing and the various platforms available online, you can always ask the help of expert digital marketing service companies, including QRx Digital.

QRx Digital is an expert digital marketing company that can easily help you with your content sharing requirements. We also provide other search engine optimization services to help your site traffic grow. Contact us today at 904-758-2127 for more details. Call us now! 

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