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Common Mistakes to Avoid in Conversion Optimization

Common Conversion Optimization Mistakes Your Brand Should Avoid QRx Digital

Conversion optimization is a marketing effort that helps increase the chances of engaging your audience in closing a sale. It is a process of removing distractions and making the step-by-step process of generating a sale convenient for your audience. Through conversion optimization, you decrease the chances of a left cart when you optimize your call-to-action buttons and pages.

In digital marketing, the processes involved in conversion optimization or CRO helps in improving the percentage of visitors to a website that is converted to customers. When you engage your audience to take the desired action on your webpage, you can say that your conversion optimization efforts are a success.

However, some conversion optimization efforts may not always work as expected. Statistical errors and ineffective marketing efforts may be costing your business to lose conversions. Avoid the most common mistakes to increase conversion rates for your brand.

Failure to Run Split Tests

One of the significant statistical factors essential for successful conversion optimization is running split tests. Nowadays, split tests can be automatically measured using online tools. Unlike before when tests are done manually, it is easier to predict outcomes through the aid of these tools.

To increase your current statistical confidence for your landing pages, you will need to do split tests to arrive at a 95% confidence result. If you have run 10 tests and only one of these tests lands you on your desired, the likeness of failure is quite high. Never settle for a lower confidence rate to decrease the chances to avoid errors and flukes in your optimization efforts.

Spam Bots and Referrer Spams

Although split tests can help you improve the chances of arriving in the most efficient conversion conditions for your landing pages, you should also take into consideration the spam bots and ghost referrer spasms that can trigger the javascript in your Google Analytics erratically. Such spambots can compromise the effectiveness of the results of your tests. If you are not mindful of these spambots, the data you derive from your bounce rates and conversion rates will most likely be unreliable.

To be able to rule out spambots during your split tests, scrutinize your referral sources. Unfamiliar sources and nonexistent pages may be causing suspicious traffic, bounce rates, and time spent on your website. Always check for consistency across all the browsers and networks in between the different versions of your split tests.

Adjust the settings of your Google Analytics to filter all known bots and spiders. This way, bot traffic will not show up in the server logs. This allows you to filter your traffic on your display hostnames, removing suspicious referrers and browsers when performing your split tests.

Confusing Statistical Significances with Practical Significance

Weak statistical confidence does not guarantee that the versions you use during split tests are entirely different from each other. Likewise, strong statistical confidence does not entirely mean that one conversion split test result is entirely better than the other. The span of time you use to run your tests can also be a factor.

Additionally, you do not necessarily need to keep running every test to ensure that you are getting statistically significant results. Instead, focus on the changes that you can test quickly. Tweak individual elements in your conversion pages to be able to arrive at a justified landing page constructed to test a general idea.

Boosting your click-through rates is a process. It does not happen overnight. The trial and error process gives your brand the chance to learn and to create a cohesive sales funnel setup that works for your audience and for your brand. Alleviating your consumer’s concern, through careful planning and conversion optimization techniques helps you achieve the increase in sales that you aim your brand to achieve.

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