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Client Story

We take pride on our client’s accomplishments. Take a look at Bidi Vapor’s success stories and explore their website.
This product contain nicotaine, nicotine is an addective chemical

Bidi Vapor

The vaping industry demands meticulous research and strict compliance to regulations and guidelines for marketing vape products. With the vape industry continuously evolving, it is a challenge for any vape manufacturer to ensure that their marketing strategies remain FDA and industry-standard compliant.

QRx Digital focused on meeting Bidi Vapor’s unique marketing strategy needs. Through research, careful planning, and execution of bespoke marketing strategies, the brand stood out from the competition without any compromise to quality and maintained compliance with the FDA’s rules and regulations for marketing vape products.

QRx Digital powers Bidi Vapor’s successful marketing content, social media platforms management, search engine optimization, customer support, research, and web development. 

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