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6 Platforms Where You Can Share Your Content

Share your content online to reach and engage with your audience. Here are 6 avenues where you can share your content via QRx Digital.

Good stories sell, great content goes viral, informative evergreen content brings organic traffic to your website. Content is a vital aspect that any website should offer. Websites that do not have organic content surround their website with content from other platforms to drive interest in what their brand has to say.

In the virtual world, content is king.

Sharing your content online gives you better chances to reach out to the right audience for your brand or service. Content in your blog site may not resonate with that same content posted on a social media platform. Different kinds of content have other effects on their readers; you have to connect with the right audience.

Without content, it would be challenging to draw people to your websites. One strategy to drive people to your website is to provide or share relevant and valuable content on different online platforms. As people start to appreciate your content, recognition for your brand comes next.

Top Online Platforms Where You Can Share Your Content

QRx Digital enumerates six of the top content sharing platforms where you can potentially build a following while growing your website traffic and conversions.


One of the best audiences who will most likely read and share your content are the audiences who subscribe to your website. Email subscribers are most likely already loyal to your brand, so it would be ideal for providing them with regular content from your brand. Interestingly, it would be best to send e-mails, at least once a month. You can update your audience with news, products, or services from your brand.

Linkedin Articles

Linkedin is a powerful platform where you can share and post content about your product or service. In Linkedin,  you connect with like-minded professionals in the same industries or other industries to help you with your brand. Add repurposed content from your website to your Linkedin profile without worrying about being tagged as duplicate content. Likewise, Linkedin articles do not automatically add the rel+canonical tag to easily import content that you would want to highlight on your Linkedin profiles from your website.

Facebook Pages and Groups

There are billions of people on Facebook, the world’s largest social media network, where you can touch base with different audiences. This network provides you the opportunity for your content to be noticed or even go viral. By regularly sharing or contributing content to your website’s Facebook account or in virtual groups or communities, you build engagement and connect with your audience, thereby extending your reach.


Pinterest is perfect for content that is product-related or services and brands that appeal to the creative market. Additionally it is a great online platform where you can potentially get traffic to your website. Moreover, Pinterest is a social media platform that is visually-driven via user-generated categories known as boards. You can share video, animation, images, and links through a series of “pins” on your dashboard.


YouTube is a video-sharing platform that can also host content from your website. Likewise, include short articles about your product videos or services at the bottom of your video description page. This makes it easier to share your content. Moreover, YouTube can be explored as an influencer platform where you can share good videos for your product or service that can go viral.


Share videos, photos, and links to your content via Instagram. The platform is an image-based social networking service that ranks as the second most populated social media platform globally. You can explore the use of hashtags to associate content with keywords related to your brand or to showcase specific branded keywords under your service. Many users are highly engaged with the platform and a good source of leads and conversions for your product or service.

For startup companies trying to drive traffic and build credibility for their websites, creating informative and engaging content is one of the best investments. Improve your relevance and visibility online by being present in the top social media platforms and services globally.

Build relationships with influencers. In addition, as a brand try to generate a loyal following online,.  Learn to share content that converts through QRx Digital’s content and marketing team. We create link building strategies that build your site’s authority while featuring your content on different online media channels and platforms. Get help in reaching out to your audience through content by working with QRx Digital. Learn more about the services that we offer by visiting https://qrxdigital.com/services/ .

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